a. Heat Integration and energy saving;

b. Total Site Integration;

c. Industrial process retrofit and improvement;

d. Renewable energy and utility systems;

e. Process simulation;

f. Systems and product synthesis;

g. Mathematical optimisation;

h. Process analysis and modelling;

i. Heat exchangers and heat transfer;

j. Cleaner production;

k. Footprint minimisation and mitigation;

l. Circular Economy and integration;

m. Power systems design and optimisation;

n. Sustainable energy planning;

o. Operations and supply chain management;

p. Waste and wastewater management;

q. Waste-to-energy;

r. Process dynamics and control;

s. Reactors, Catalyst engineering and Fluid dynamics;

t. Sustainable materials;

u. Knowledge transfer;

v. Energy Storage;


w. SPIL Symposium;

x. RESHeat: Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Buildings;

y. Sustainable Plastic Value Chains.

z. UMIST Excellence roots